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We at StartUp IT have custom designed our services to cater to the outsourcing needs of start-ups and small businesses. Our services are divided into IT solutions and IT staffing.

Web development

StartUp IT provides sleek yet functional websites for your lead genration, marketing or eCommerce needs.

Software development

We help you to develop custom software for your start-up and provide consultancy related to what types of software would best suit your business operations. 

Digital Marketing

From Search Engine Optimization to continuour content creation - we got you covered based on your digital communication roadmap. 

Cloud Staffing

We have a reliable and qualified team of individuals from most of the IT fields that are ready to work with you remotely or fill vacant roles in your company as long as you need them.

What is Startup IT

We help you to deliver

Imagine your plans delivered? We are your execution partner in IT and Digital marketing. We work with you to create an optimal mix of outsoursing and help you to get things done.

Our business model brings together the local knowledge and outsoursing opportunities from abroad to create an optimal balance of speed, reliability and cost effectiveness for your company. 

Plan it 

Starting and managing a company is not a piece of cake. A successful business must overcome a lot of hurdles throughout its journey.

One of the most significant issues of start-ups and small businesses is to deal with a lot of technical support. Still, the budget to hire experienced tech gurus, good knowledge about the market, and finding a suitable solution is just not everyone's capacity. We recognize this because we worked with several start-ups and small business teams over the years.

Run it

Our vision is to facilitate businesses and start-ups so that they don't have to spend additional resources on searching, hiring, and paying for permanent technical staff. StartUp IT provides IT facilitation services to new, small, and medium businesses so they can reliably outsource the technical aspects of their business.

We believe that running a business shouldn't be stressful, and by providing them with the ability to share their technical responsibilities, we try to make running a business a lot simpler.

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